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Housecup.info's interactive map allows you to see where your Pottermore© housemates are around the world! Hover over a crest to see one house at a time.

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Instructions - How to use the map

  • Hover or click on a crest to see ONLY one house's visitors
  • Click 'off' a crest to see all houses again
  • To hide or show another's points, simply click a crest.
  • Change the timeframe on the buttons to the left (e.g. 24 hours or 8 hours)

Privacy Information - Locations are approximated

  • Locations are gathered from site visitors to http://housecup.info
  • Each visitor's location has been fuzzed so no location is exact
  • It is not possible to discover the real world location of a visitor via this data

How it Works

Now you can see how active your fellow house-mates are! This map approximates the locations of Pottermore® users around the world. Each visitor is asked to denote their house upon using http://housecup.info. This data is then plotted on the world map via the location of the visitor's IP address. These locations have been "fuzzed" slightly so it is not possible to locate a user in the real world by using this map.

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